About Us

Shannon, Miguel & DarenVisual Expression Studio is an independently owned professional photography team founded by Shannon Leigh Gonzalez and her husband Miguel Angel Gonzalez. We started exclusively photographing beach weddings on Florida’s Treasure Coast in 2006 as Shannon Leigh Photography. Within a year, we expanded to professional videography and post production services, as well as working on other venues such as corporate events.

By 2010 we took a short break to spend time with our newborn son, Daren. For the next couple of years, we engaged in a limited number of photography shoots through special engagements. We also worked with special corporate projects, promotional videos, and commercials, shifting much of our work in the direction of video production, which Miguel handled, while Shannon took a break from photography.

In 2012, we began to take on new clients and projects. During the slower past years, Shannon spent more time behind the computer than behind the camera, allowing her to get really creative with new tools and image editing. The shift started a move towards artistic photography and deviate from conventional photography. A new style was born and with it came a new name. Besides, it seemed as though every photographer names Shannon suddenly appeared on the scene and the name was no longer so exclusive.

Shannon Leigh Photography changed its name to Visual Expression Studio in 2012 and by 2013 a whole new level of photography emerged. Shannon looked at every photo shoot from an artistic perspective and never in a conventional way. The end results were more works of arts than photography. A one hour mini-session often turned into 8+ hours of editing with phenomenal gallery quality results. This was our new direction, and with it came the end of our videography services, at least for now.

We still offer conventional photography services when needed, but our focus is on artistic photography.

Shannon of Visual Expression Studio – Asheville

Shannon studied graphics and animation at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. She also held a position for a graphics/publisher prior to making her photography hobby into a career in 2006. She is never without a means of taking a photograph: whether with her Canon 5D Mark III, her Canon point and shoot, or her Samsung Note Edge… she will never pass up the opportunity to shoot anything.

Miguel of Visual Expression Studio – Asheville

Miguel has been an avid videographer and had his first videography and post production business in Southern California in 1993, during a time when most of the home-studios were still editing with analog equipment. He left the videography business behind in 1999 to turn his attention to website, logo and graphic design, which he still does today, through MiAGon Design.

Shannon and Miguel met in 2005, and by 2006, their love for photography and videography founded Shannon Leigh Photography… now known as Visual Expression Studio.